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Tools, Trends and Tech: How a Mobile-Enabled World is Changing Research

Originally presented August 5, 2014
Co-presenters: Roddy Knowles, Director of Mobile Research
Per Smith, Delivery Manager, Research Now

Full Synopsis

Mobile is now and, more importantly, mobile is here to stay. As the mobile revolution pushes the research industry forward, it is quickly becoming essential to reach respondents where and when they choose and in a way that provides a positive experience.

Last year alone, 20% of all Research Now survey starts were mobile-based. By the end of 2014, it is projected that more than 40% of all survey responses will come from tablets or mobile phones. Still, a surprisingly high number of online surveys are not optimized for mobile. Why? What can we do to better align our methodologies to meet consumer expectations and accommodate their mobile lifestyles?

View our introduction of our new, proprietary method for evaluating a survey’s suitability for mobile devices.

During the webinar, we address some of the common client questions and roadblocks encountered when adding mobile to their research models. We also present case studies showcasing how we’re helping our clients become truly mobile-ready as well as how to:

Achieve more completes and better representative data by incorporating mobile respondents
Utilize mobile-optimized survey design across multiple devices, including computers
Assess mobile readiness for each project and customize solutions for research objectives
Engineer effective mobile-focused research solutions that include multi-touch shopper studies, diaries and IHUTs

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